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Stop Motion Animation Program on Tuesday

Stop Motion Animation - Courtesy photo
Stop Motion Animation - Courtesy photo
Give the children something to do out of the cold on Tuesday (we can expect wind chills as low as -9). 

Empow Studios is holding a stop motion program for children in grades 3-5 at 3:45 p.m. on Tuesday. 

"Students learn the science and art of stop-motion animation by making two of their own short films," the event post states. "Children work in pairs to write their own story and script, plan out a story board, and create their artwork. Then they use laptops, cameras and special software to explore various animation techniques and capture their footage."

"After filming, students work on the post-production process to add titles, transitions, sounds and bring their movie to life. Experienced animators can build on their previous skills to create timeless masterpieces of animation. All movies are available to take home. A strict non-violence policy is enforced."


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