Have You Heard of Lexington at Home?

Now in its fifth year, Lexington at Home wants to tell, in brief, something of its story – and to extend an open invitation to all who might be interested to learn more and perhaps join an existing Chapter or help in creating a new one.

The following information was provided on behalf of Lexington at Home. 

Lexington at Home is derived partially from the concept behind the nation-wide movement called “naturally occurring retirement communities.” That is, people who want to remain in their own homes for as long as is feasible. These people find that the support of age-mate companionship, a helping hand when needed, and information regarding resources all conspire to make this concept work.

Most of the “at homes” around the country are organized on what is called a concierge model, directed by a paid staff whose jobs are to find and/or provide services for the members. Given this fiscal responsibility, the organization must have a membership of at least 200 to 300 (each member paying an annual fee of several hundreds of dollars) and the board must engage in fund-raising to support such a venture.      

Here in Lexington, we have taken the concept and developed a very different model.

Organized from the grassroots up, we are a voluntary association to provide social, emotional and practical support of its members who depend upon one another for short-term help and, hopefully, long term relationships. Lexington at Home recognizes that we can improve our lives by increasing our links to Lexington residents and public and private services. This is especially true today, since many of us are separated from extended family or have limited community connections for any number of reasons.

Reflecting its voluntary nature, Lexington at Home keeps the annual fee small (at the moment, $25 per person per year) but the expectation is that everyone pitches in to help in at least one of many possible ways, be it direct service to a fellow member or leadership within the association.   

Lexington at Home started with 10 members and has grown to 100 or so. Members are organized into “Chapters” of about 40 members each, allowing for full-Chapter meetings monthly (with a social and educational programs), occasional large meetings of the full membership, and the evolution of small interest groups as members step forward to organize them. Even those who feel well-connected in town praise the value of having a special committed group of peers sharing the same life stage and the attendant challenges, as well as its pleasures.

Those who have made the decision to move into continuing care retirement communities want to maintain their membership in Lexington at Home, a testament to how much they have valued their experience as part of this association.

Lexington at Home always welcomes inquiries and new members of all ages.  Please take a look at our web page, www.Lexington-at-Home.com, and feel free to call Rachel Rosenblum at 781-862-7036 for information about the association as a whole and about possibly becoming a member. 


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