Lexington Family Injured in Crash Still Recovering and Thanking Those Who Helped

Sammy Hersch, 2, of Lexington, is still unable to move his arms but the toddler is in good spirits and doing well.

Patch Graphic
Patch Graphic
A Lexington family injured in a motor vehicle accident in December of 2012 is reaching out to thanks those who lent their support. 

As reported on Lexington Patch, on Dec. 1 four members of the Hersch family, of Lexington, were involved in an accident on I-95 due to icy conditions. The mother, Jana, and then five-year-old son Ben, recovered quickly and were released shortly after the incident. 

The father, Greg Hersch, required surgery on his foot. Sammy Hersch, then 15 months old, required a tracheotomy and couldn't move his arms following the accident. 

"We were all injured but our youngest son, Sammy, had the most serious injuries," Jana Hersch told Lexington Patch in an email. "It was April 17th before the four of us were reunited at our home here in Lexington after months spent at the Children’s Hospital Boston and the Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia."

Jana said most of the family has recovered from the accident but Sammy is still dealing with the after affects of the incident. Fortunately Sammy's injuries have not kept the toddler's spirits down. 

"We have all recovered with the exception of Sammy, who is still making improvements but has not regained the use of his arms at this time," she said. "Despite these challenges, he is enjoying life as an active two-year old and attends preschool at the Children’s Center of Lexington. He is making friends and learning to do everything with his feet from drawing, playing with his toys and feeding."

Jana said that one year after the accident, she and her family would like to thank those who supported them as they recovered. 

"One year anniversary has just passed since the day that changed our lives so unexpectedly, and we are  grateful that we survived, and are here together," she said. "Many wonderful people and local organizations have come to our help after our accident and we would like to thank them. It is too long a list to thank everyone individually, but I would like to name a few organizations that reached out to us in a myriad of ways." 

Jana said she would like to thank the Children’s Center of Lexington, First Baptist Church of Lexington, Neighbor Brigade, Lexfun, Cambridge Trust Company, Clarke Middle School, Hancock United Church of Christ, Amazing Grace Preschool, the Bridget Brigade, the Walsh Family Fund and Lexington Pediatrics. 

"We are thankful to fellow parents, friends and neighbors (known and those that are unknown to us) for the many prayers and acts of kindness – small and large," she said. "It was very comforting to have so many people reach out to us during such a challenging time." 


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