Lexington's 300th: Rolling the Musket Ball Back 'Til Next Spring

The following information was provided by the Lexington 300th Committee.


The 300 Anniversary Celebration Committee announces that the Musket Ball, scheduled for Nov. 17, is being rescheduled to next spring.

It recently became apparent that the ticket sale goal would not be reached in time and feedback from the public has indicated that numerous residents who would like to attend are unable to for two primary reasons: The proximity of the date to Thanksgiving and the recent disruption to the lives of friends and families due to the hurricane last week. A number of people have expressed the desire to be with those in affected areas or to donate discretionary income to relief efforts at this time.

All are in agreement they would like to celebrate at this event, but at a more convenient and appropriate time.  The Committee will meet to determine the new date to be announced by Dec. 1.  All ticket donations to date will be refunded.

The Committee thanks all those who are supporting this special event and look forward to incorporating all of the wonderful elements, including a variety of music, dancing, excellent food, and historical presentations at our celebration this spring.


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