LexMedia Announces Mobile Ap

LexMedia collaborates with a local mobile app developer to bring live TV, videos and bulletins to mobile users.

The following announcement was provided by LexMedia.

LexMedia is again proving itself to be a leader in Community TV by adopting cutting edge mobile technology to deliver content to viewers anywhere, anytime. Partnering with Lexington startup Civic Media Technologies (CMT), LexMedia has launched a mobile application that allows users to view live TV, on-demand video, and town focused bulletins on their Smartphone or mobile device. The new app is free for anyone to download via iTunes

By the end of 2012, a whopping 55 percent of US mobile subscribers will own a Smartphone and almost 30 percent of Internet users will have a tablet computer. Watching video on these devices is becoming increasingly common.  LexMedia is leveraging this transformative technology to realize higher levels of citizen viewership, participation, and sponsorship for community TV. 

“This is a huge leap forward in serving our community and expanding our audience," said Florence DelSanto, LexMedia's executive director. "Now people can watch us from their subway seat or a coffee shop in town. It’s all about seeing what you want when and where you want it.”

CMT customized the LexMedia application specifically for the Lexington community. The application streams 3 channels of high quality live TV, countless hours of on-demand video, and our interactive community bulletin board. The service is not solely web-based but rather, a discrete software application that resides on a user’s smartphone or tablet computer.  Access to LexMedia’s world of content is gained by pressing a single button.

For a look at app's functionality, check out the photos posted above.

LexMedia has carefully timed the launch of this new service to coincide with Lexington’s 300 anniversary celebrations.  Many updates to the app are planned throughout the year.  These updates include iPad and Android specific versions, and social media integration.

While Lexington is their first customer, CMT hopes to introduce this service to cities and towns across the region.  They envision the application becoming a Virtual Community Center of sorts; combining not only video but news, bulletins, emergency notifications, a town calendar, and discussion forum.


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