Local Scout to Create New Landlocked Forest Trail, Volunteers Needed

Colin Raposo, a Boy Scout with Troop 10 in Lexington, is looking for volunteers to help build a new trail in the Landlocked Forest.

A local scout is going for the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouts and is looking to run a volunteer trail project as part of the process.

Colin Raposo, a Boy Scout with Troop 10 in Lexington, is working to become an Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the scouts.

As part of the requirements to become an Eagle Scout, scouts must do a service project. The project can benefit the scouts or the local community.

For his project, and to show leadership skills, Raposo proposed to the Burlington Board of Selectmen last week that he run a volunteer project to move a trail in the Landlocked Forest. The forest also has an entry in Lexington, Raposo's hometown.

According to Raposo, currrently the well-used trail is located on Mass. Highway Department land, and it is much too close to Route 3. "The trail is unsafe because it is located on a cliff, which falls steeply onto the highway below," he told the board.

Raposo said his plan is to create a new trail, roughly a half-mile in length, that will be 100 to 200 yards to the west on Burlington property. The area in question is the south-east part of the forest.

The trail will be created using environmentally-friendly methods, Raposo said.

"This trail will be built using techniques used to preserve vegetation while building a sustainable trail avoiding wetlands," he said.

Burlington Conservation Administrator John Keeley wrote in a letter to the board that in his view the trail will be a benefit to the forest and recommended they approve.

The Board of Selectmen approved the project unanimously.

Get Involved:

Raposo said he will raise all of the funds to cover the costs of the project, including signs and food for volunteers.

He is also looking for volunteers to help with the project. He said the work will be done in the spring and will take 2 to 3 weekends. So far, members of the Friends of the Landlocked Forest and The New England Mountain Biking Association have stated they will help.

If you'd like to volunteer or to learn more, contact Raposo at Cjraposo333@gmail.com.

Gini Shevrin January 25, 2013 at 05:49 PM
Colin's name is consistently misspelled in this article. It's Raposo, not Ruposo. Great scout, great project. Wishing him the best of luck!
Gini Shevrin January 25, 2013 at 05:54 PM
The email for Colin is also incorrect. Fact checking, anyone?
Patrick Ball (Editor) January 25, 2013 at 09:33 PM
Thanks, Gini. I have changed the spelling of Colin's name to reflect your correction, which I fact checked by Googling "Colin Raposo, Boy Scouts, Lexington." If Colin's email address was incorrect beyond the misspelling of his name, could you kindly provide the correct address so I can include it?
Gini Shevrin January 26, 2013 at 05:14 PM
I have checked on Colin's email address and am told it is now correct as listed above. Working on an Eagle project under the guidance of a motivated teenager is an experience everyone should treasure. If folks have the time to help out, please do contact Colin.


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