PHOTOS: Saturday Trick-or-Treating a Sweet Treat in Lexington

Families around Lexington re-stage Halloween for the kids.

Saturday, Nov. 5 became Halloween for many kids young and old in Lexington this year. The did not dampen spirits as many families took to the streets to Trick-or-Treat.

Carved pumpkins were lit on many doorsteps, and faux graveyards were righted after the Aside from many downed branches and a few remaining snowpiles, the evening seemed just like previous Halloween nights.  

It was chilly outside, but the lure of candy was just too tempting!

It was warming to see a community willing to re-stage a much-loved kids activity - with many keeping their decorations lit and set-up ... and being ready to answer the door throughout the evening.  

Note: Nov. 5 is also Guy Fawkes night - a popular British celebration, marked with fireworks and a bonfire - to commemorate the night that Guy Fawkes was 'unsuccessful' at blowing up the Houses of Parliament and the then reigning King.


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