Lexington Reads 2013: Exploring the 'The Story Of America'

Throughout the month of March, Cary Library will host programs, community events and online discussions designed to encourage people to explore the connections between American history and American literature.

The following information was provided by Cary Memorial Library and the Lexington Reads website.

In honor of the 300th anniversary of Lexington, Cary Memorial Library has chosen the theme “The Story of America” for this year’s annual Lexington Reads celebration.

For Lexington Reads, an initiative underwritten by the Cary Memorial Library Foundation, the library will be hosting a variety of programs and community events throughout the month of March.

Central to this year's Lexington Reads programs is encouraging readers and participants to explore the connections between American history and American literature, according to a press release. 

That theme is higlighted by the "Community Book" for 2013: Jill Lepore's The Story of America: Essays on Origins.

According to a press release, "In The Story of America, Lepore discusses the impact that our "stories" have had on our history -- from John Smith's largely fictionalized account of the settling of Jamestown to President Obama's first Inaugural Address."

Lepore, a professor of history at Harvard and staff writer for The New Yorker, will help kick off Lexington Reads  at 8 p.m. this Saturday, March 2 with a free talk that doubles as part of the Cary Lecture Series, presented in honor of Lexington’s 300th anniversary.

Lepore's topic will be Dear Brother: The Life and Letters of Benjamin Franklin’s Sister. Says the press release:

Jane Franklin Mecom, the youngest sister of Benjamin Franklin, was a poor, uneducated woman whose life was filled with hardship. What is remarkable about her is that her correspondence with her famous brother was saved -- and through it she gives voice to the voiceless women of that time, providing insight into their largely lost experiences. 

In addition to kicking off Lexington Reads, the event is part of the Cary Lecture Series, presented in honor of Lexington’s 300th anniversary. Free tickets have been mailed to all Lexington households. Additional tickets, if needed, are available at Cary Memorial Library and the Town Office Building. 

Check out the full schedule of Lexington Reads speakers and events. And this year's lineup of Virtual Speakers.

Library copies of The Story of America may be reserved online at www.carylibrary.org or by calling the library at 781-862-6288 ext 250. The book will also be available for sale and signing at the Cary Lecture.

For information about upcoming Lexington Reads events, please stop by Cary Library to pick up a brochure, or go to www.lexingtonreads.org


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