Of Wee Folk and Holiday Music

Creator of Wee Forest Folk celebrates 40 years in business, and the Concord Band presents its Holiday Pops concert.


I love stories of people who reinvent themselves, sometimes more than once, throughout their lives. Who says you have to have just one career, really? So boring! And isn’t it great when you discover a passion for something, at a time when the world thinks you should be tapering off and moving to somewhere warm, and instead you’re learning a new skill and doing something that delights you?

Well, that’s what happened to Annette Petersen. She’s the woman behind the Wee Forest Folk, tiny sculptures of mice and fairies, over at the Montague Gallery on Walden Street. Believe me, there are a slew of them over there, each one cuter than the last, and so detailed and beautiful you just want to buy them all.

Annette raised three children here in Concord, and was well into the middle of her life when she began looking for ways to bring in a little extra cash. With no formal training, but with a love of art and an active imagination, she began creating little woodland critters. She obviously found a calling, because she’s been doing this now for 40 years – yes, you heard that right. And even cooler, two of her children are in the business with her, all three creating these critters by hand, and all of them locally done. Their “mouse factory” is in Carlisle, and they offer free tours on Mondays from June through September.

You really should head over to their website here, not only to get all the details on these locally-produced wee folk, but because the cursor is a mouse head – so fun! And if you want to see them in person, and maybe buy one or two, you can find them at the Montague Gallery.

The whole endeavor gives me renewed hope that I can reinvent myself a few more times before it’s time to call it a day.

Holiday Pops

I know a lot of people like to get their holiday music in a Pops experience, and think Boston is the only place to go for that. But our local Concord Band just happens to be performing their own Holiday Pops concert this weekend, both Friday and Saturday nights at 8 p.m., over at 51 Walden. You can still get all dressed up and enjoy a great evening of holiday music, you just don’t have to drive so far, plus you can park for free. Who doesn’t like that??

There will be festive music from different countries, an audience sing-along, an appearance by Santa and a holiday raffle, as well as table seating and light refreshments. Rene Pfister is the guest vocalist; tickets are $25, $15 for kids 12 and under.

For all the good details on how to get tickets and what to do if it snows, call 978-897-9969, or go to their website here.


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