Donna DeSimone Photography Capturing the Special Moments

Burlington based Donna DeSimone Photography captures memories of special events, life's moments and through portraits.

Donna DeSimone has a unique approach to photography. Her pictures reveal her subject’s natural expression. It’s not posed look. Her photographs show emotion in the image.

DeSimone is the owner of the Burlington-based photography company .

For her tenth birthday, DeSimone got a camera as a gift and she has been hooked on photography ever since. She takes pictures all the time and always carries a camera. Photography is pure love and enjoyment for DeSimone and it is growing into a thriving business.

When DeSimone was 12 she took a photography workshop at North Shore Community College, which started off her training. One of her first jobs in high school was working at a camera store.

“I really learned a lot working there,” said DeSimone. She gained experience by learning about cameras and developing film. Her learning is continual as she still reads and takes workshops in photography.

DeSimone has attended classes at the New England School of Photography and the Digital Photo Academy.

Children and babies are a favorite subject for DeSimone. The spontaneity of children shown in her photographs is charming. They are not merely posed. DeSimone gives children plenty of time to get to know her and respond before she starts clicking the shutter. “Let them do their thing” says DeSimone. In this way the special beauty of children can be revealed. It’s worth the extra time spent with them.

Other subjects that DeSimone photographs are families, weddings, special events and school portraits. The setting is usually outdoors. It could be a back yard, the beach or an anyplace the client enjoys being. The natural lighting of outdoor setting is part of the special quality of her photography. DeSimone takes many photos and then does the editing on them but never changes the feel of the picture.

It’s been a year that DeSimone has been in the photography business full time and 3 years part time. Before that she was working for a higher education publishing company in sales and marketing. Her career made quite a transition but it was natural one for her since she has been practicing photography for a long time enjoys it.

DeSimone’s husband gave her the push to expand her photography business full time. It’s evident by the quality of her work that she has a special talent.

The business has really grown on a referral basis. Word has spread from one customer to another about DeSimone’s work- no other form of advertisement was needed.

DeSimone has 2 sons that play hockey; she has spent hours watching them play and taking photos. After the games DeSimone posts these pictures on a website for all the hockey parents to download. The parents thank her for doing the hockey photos time and again. “They don’t understand that I enjoy doing it!” says DeSimone.

School portraits are a current project for DeSimone. Currently, she is working on a portfolio and would like to do nontraditional senior portraits outdoors.

You can see more of DeSimone’s work at - www.donnadesimone.com.

Robert Riley April 02, 2011 at 11:36 AM
These are excellent photos. Thank you for sharing.


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