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Lexington Video Celebrating One Year

The local independent video store is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a weekend's worth of sales, deals and drawings.

Overdue and video don’t often get along well in the same sentence, but this is one of those rare occasions.

This weekend, is hosting its long-overdue grand opening celebration in the form of a first birthday bash that includes weekend deals, a big sale on viewed movies and an anniversary drawing with impressive prize packages. (For a full list of offerings, check out the poster in the photos to your right.)

“We’re just so happy to have made it the full year,” said owner Sue McDonald, “We’re looking forward to many more and thanking the community for all of their support.”

Since , McDonald, who managed the store under the previous ownership, has broadened the selection and supplemented new releases with eclectic foreign, festival, independent and old films.

“I wouldn’t be able to do this kind of work if I didn’t love movies,” said McDonald. “This is something I wanted to do for a long time and It’s something I knew the community wanted as well.”

A year later, as other video rental enterprises stumble and shutter, McDonald has molded Lexington Video to fit her design and has big plans for the future, including an expanded website. 

Plus, in this age of easy-as-pie movie rentals, McDonald local customers appreciate a Lexington Video advantages over up-and-down automated services like Neflix and Redbox:

1.) If you shop local, there’s no reason not to rent local. Lexington Video is one of, if not the only independent video store around Lexington and it offers comparable rates to places like Redbox.

2.) Not only does Lexington Video get most new releases at least 28 days earlier than Netflix and Redbox, but it also has a more extensive inventory of older releases, something McDonald said came in response to the store to losing customers to the competition.

3.) Her recommendations are better. In lieu of a computer telling you what you might like to rent, McDonald or her employees are behind the counter to talk you through your entertainment tastes and let you know when your kids are trying to sneak an R-rated film by you. “With them, that’s an algorithm,” she said. “It’s not a personal reaction and we think that’s one of the best parts of the job.”


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