McDonald's Halts Meat Purchases From CA Firm Over Health Concerns

McDonald's has locations in Lexington, Bedford, Waltham, Newton, Woburn, Needham, Burlington and Acton.

McDonald's, which has a Lexington location along Route 128/95, along with the federal government, is suspending meat purchases from a California company after hearing health and animal cruelty concerns, according to the Associated Press.

McDonald's, in cooperation with the feds, cut off its relationship with Central Valley Meat Company, according to the AP. 

The move comes after an animal welfare group distributed a video of what appeared to be sick cows being abused as workers tried to get them to walk to slaughter, according to the AP. Regulations prohibit cows that can't walk from being slaughtered, according to the AP. The rule is meant to prohibit cows infected with mad cow disease from being used for food. 

Federal authorities told the AP the video does not show anything to indicate that meat from sick cows was put into food supplies, but authorities are continuing their investigation.

The meat company said it is working to improve its practices.

See the full AP story for more details.

Holly Pearson August 24, 2012 at 12:22 PM
It's ironic that dairy products have such a wholesome image; nothing could be further from the truth. Her life consists of an endless cycle of being impregnated and giving birth - her calf is taken away days later (cows are extremely maternal so this separation causes great distress), she's hooked up to a milking machine (mastitis is a major problem in this industry and steady doses of antibiotics are given in attempt to cope with this). After a lifetime of harsh treatment and confinement and when milk production finally wanes (even with hormone injections) these hapless cows can hardly walk to slaughter ("downers" can't) and are kicked and prodded along the way. Most milk comes from cows on "factory farms" where these conditions exist. Who hasn't seen the advertisement, "California Cows are Happy Cows"? Not so.


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