No Reservations: Panera to Open Nov. 28 in Lexington Center (POLL)

With construction well underway and a common victuallers license in hand, Panera's local management announced plans to open for business later this month.

Seconds after receiving a common victualler's license for to operate a Panera Bread in Lexington Center, local management for the national cafe/bakery chain answered the question on everyone's mind: It'll open at 6 a.m. Monday, Nov. 28.

That's the timeline according to Steve Harron, general manager for the Lexington Center Location, who appeared before the Board of Selectmen earlier this week to lock up the common vic's license.

Opening day had been a moving target for months now, and Harron said he's excited about getting down to business after a warm reception from the hundreds--and possibly thousands--of potential customers he met during the .

"Oh yea, very excited," said Harron, as he and a co-worker handed out 1,000 Panera cookies and several bags of fund-sized candy. "This is such a terrific event for the town. As Panera employees, we are involved in a lot of events in the towns, as well as charity events, and this is one of the best ones for all of the kids."

Panera and later had an exterior patio OK'd by the Historic District Commission, which also reviewed signage for the cafe now inhabiting about half of the former home of clothing retailer Cohoes, at 1690 Mass Ave, Lexington Building Clerk Amy Casparius told Patch back in July.

after town officials after requested extra information about the building's fire alarm protocol and made certain the site's roof-mounted equipment fell within town noise bylaws, among other things.

During the summer, joining the already competitive market for breakfast and lunch in the Center.

While some established sandwich spots sounded less than excited about increased competition, as another option -- and one with more seating than the currently crowded coffee shops.

"Panera may be a chain, but they have wholesome food choices for both children and adults including whole grain options," a wrote in response to a July 29 story. "I don't feel at all bad about supporting Panera, though my family still loves , and both and . We plan to support them all!"

Adam November 10, 2011 at 04:32 PM
Anything's better than yet another bank or real estate office! I hope at least one good food option will open up in the new retail building on the corner of Bedford & Worthen.


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