Stop & Shop Prepares for Potential Labor Strike, Hires Replacement Workers

The company is holding discussions with labor representatives as the deadline for a three-year contract nears on Feb. 23.


Representatives of the Stop & Shop grocery store chain are looking to hire temporary replacement workers as it prepares for a potential labor strike, according to a report in the Boston Herald last Friday

The Quincy-based company is currently holding contract discussions with United Food and Commercial Workers Union locals who represent more than 40,000 Stop & Shop employees in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, according to the Herald. The three-year contract will expire on Saturday, Feb. 23. 

Lexington's Stop & Shop is located in the shopping center at 36 Bedford Street. 

While discussions continue, the company is running eight hiring sites from Mansfield to Quincy to Woburn.

A Stop & Shop spokeswoman told the Herald that the company is advertising replacement workers "in the event of a dispute" in an effort to "prepare so we can continue to serve our customers and remain open." 

Are you a Stop & Shop customer? How would a strike affect your grocery shopping there? Let us know in the comments section below.

Deb Weiner February 08, 2013 at 01:35 PM
I used to shop regularly at Stop and Shop...until the poor produce and deli products, the bad sales help, and the inflated prices, drove me away. Market Basket has wiped them off the map as far as I'm concerned. I think that several things are needed to be competitive in any marketplace, and Stop and Shop simply is not keeping up -- the Trader Joe's, Market Baskets, and Wegmans, are wiping them off the map. And I can't say I'm surprised.
Adam February 08, 2013 at 04:25 PM
I live practically next door to the Lexington Stop & Shop, but I still drive to the Burlington Market Basket to do my grocery shopping. Better prices, more selection, neatly and fully stocked shelves at all hours of the day, helpful staff... The difference is striking.
Tom February 11, 2013 at 08:35 AM
Burlington Market Basket has come a long way since the days you'd often see managers chatting away while standing in a pile of dirt in the old store. It is hard to justify shopping at Stop and Shop when items I commonly purchase are often 50 cents more expensive at S & S. Late hours are nice, but the seafood and meat counters are stored away and you have to deal with big pallets of shrink wrap stock at the ends of the isles. Even though Lexington has more than 10% Asian population, S & S never managed to have good Asian fruits and vegetables. Now HMart is sucking away all of that business, although their produce standards are closer to the lower level of markets in Asia. It is sad, but there is clearly not enough clientele using Stop and Shop these days to justify keeping it open over the long term unless they really fix fundamental problems - competitive prices, better bakery, better deli, and better produce. With low volumes it is tough to keep fish fresh. With better alternatives in the area, it will be hard to win customers back.


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