Wilson's: Real Trees are the Right Choice for Christmas

According to the folks over at Wilson Farm, there are many reasons to love your Christmas tree this season.

The following was provided by Wilson Farm in Lexington.

For nearly 50 years, Wilson Farm in Lexington has helped local area residents deck their halls with gorgeous real trees for Christmas. These terrific tannenbaums are the best choice for celebrating Christmas as they provide a wonderful texture and scent not duplicated by artificial trees and are good for the environment and the economy.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Real Christmas trees have a wonderful texture that only nature could provide. From the sharp rigid needles of blue spruce to the willowy softness of white pine, each type of tree has its own characteristics. Popular amongst New Englanders is the balsam fir tree. With its strong fragrance and angular shape, it is, to many, the “traditional” local Christmas tree. The balsam is named for the resin in its bark - a substance once sold like chewing gum and used to treat wounds during the Civil war. Another local favorite is the fraser fir tree. Sporting a lighter fragrance than the balsam but with even better needle retention, the fraser was named for botanist John Fraser, who explored the southern Appalachians in the late 1700s. This season, Wilson Farm is offering eight different varieties of real trees to its customers.
  • Real Christmas trees are the best option for the environment. Planted in succession every seven years, Christmas trees are often grown in soil unsuited to other crops. This provides a habitat to small mammals, birds and other species where otherwise there would be none. Real trees also produce oxygen, and reduce noise pollution. After the holiday, real trees can be recycled into wood chips, mulch or compost. After Christmas, trees are also commonly used to prevent sand erosion on the beaches of Cape Cod. 
  • Real Christmas trees are good for the economy. While most artificial trees are made overseas, it’s a sure bet that the beautiful real trees at Wilson Farm, hail from North America, particularly: Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington State, Nova Scotia, and Quebec. Small businesses, such as family-run farms, are a key source of employment for many Americans - so buying a real tree can help create jobs and keep money in your community.

Go Real this Holiday

With their unmistakable and unduplicated holiday scent and natural texture, fresh trees create lasting holiday memories. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but they’re good for the environment, create jobs here in the United States, and help support local businesses. If you live in the Lexington area, local businesses such as Wilson Farm and others can help make your holiday brighter with real Christmas trees.


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