Udated About Town: Bruins Fever Hits Lexington

Celebrating the Stanley Cup's return to Boston.

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Posted at 5:45 a.m. this morning...

Black, white and gold never looked so good in Massachusetts. After 39 years, the silver, Holy Grail of Hockey, crafted in Canada in 1893, will be an especially nice touch in Boston.  

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the Bruins won the National Hockey League's Championship Wednesday night against the Vancouver Canucks. 

The decisive 4-0 victory capped an icy, seven-game fight. The first six games were won by the home teams on their own frozen turf. The seventh was taken by Boston, breaking the cycle and taking the victory in Vancouver’s backyard.  

Vancouver had the home advantage, which made more than a few of us nervous, but they slapped that puck into the net for the first goal, setting the tone for what became a one-sided fight.

Residents and fans in Vancouver weren’t too happy and caused a bit of a ruckus after the game.

The Bruins will parade through Boston in the Duck Boats at 11 a.m. tomorrow (June 18). The Red Sox game is delayed until 7 p.m., because of traffic and probably to let the Bruins have their well-deserved moment.

I walked around Lexington Center yesterday and asked a few people what they thought.

Selectman Norm Cohen was in the Town Manager’s office and told me the Red Sox almost had a no-hitter, a game that, I suspect, almost no one watched. Well, Norm channel surfed between both games, so maybe others did too.

It’s pretty safe to say everyone’s excited. Denise Casey, from the Town Manager's office, watched the entire game – and pre- and post-game coverage.

Denise, who grew up with Bobby Orr, is French-Canadian and a life-long Bruins fan.  “So it’s genetic,” she said of her Canadian ice hockey-loving roots.

“It’s thrilling because my son, Jared, got to see the Bruins win the Stanley Cup," said Denise. “It broke my heart that Ray Bourque never won a Stanley Cup as a Bruin.”

Marie McDonnell, assistant to Town Manager Carl Valente, lives in a nearby town and said there were fireworks and people hooting and hollering in the streets.

Board of Selectmen Administrative Assistant Lynne Pease said, “Congrats to them. It’s super.”

It sure is – and people in the Center thought so.

A young woman walked (too fast for me) through the center wearing a Bruins shirt.

Emily Wu, 16, sat on a bench reading munching on an pizza, while reading a school book and cramming for finals.  Emily said couldn’t study, she was too distracted by the game.

“I was really nervous because hockey moves so fast,” Emily said.

There's no reason for nervousness now!


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