About Town: Giving Life

One drop at a time.

We've all seen the signs around town asking for blood. A few of these noted that the American Red Cross has a critical need for Type O blood.

The has a sign at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Marrett Road asking for donors. Last week had a placard by its exit. 

After seeing these signs in more than four Lexington locations I went to the Red Cross website.

There is a critical need for all blood types and we can help.

Here’s the message from the site: “The Red Cross has issued an appeal for blood donors of all types due to a critical blood shortage across our nation.”

Apparently, May and June donations were the lowest the organization has seen in more than a dozen years.

Demand remains the same though.

Are you eligible to give blood of any type?

I spoke to Mary at the and they are holding a blood drive July 27, starting at 2 p.m.

If you qualify, why not visit the Bedford Street location that day. Mary, the nice woman who answered the phone, said they held one last week and it was successful. They are hoping for the same success on the 27th. 

Find out if you're eligible and then visit the Red Cross site to make an appointment. While you do that, I'll get more information on other places and times and post them later.

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