About Town: Good Deeds Are Noticed

Local Boy Scouts earn Eagle status while helping Lexington.

Gini Shevrin once said the Boy Scouts were actually an unpaid arm of our .

With all the completed Eagle Scout projects that we’re hearing about, it’s clear she’s right.

At Monday night’s meeting Deb Mauger noted Connor Zanin’s recent Eagle Scout contribution – one that helped everyone in Lexington who uses the trails.

I spoke with Connor yesterday and he told me about the day-long project that took time energy and effort to coordinate and complete. The almost 18-year-old is in Troop 119, run by Scout Leader Bernie Gunther.

“When you’re doing the Eagle Scout project there is a template you follow along the way,” Connor said.

That involved coming up with a community project, connecting with town officials and committees or boards that coincided with the project. From there he coordinated efforts until the job was done.

He did, and now has all the necessary signatures to get him Eagle status.

Connor's goal was to spruce up the walking paths behind Lincoln Fields. 

He began by meeting with the Lincoln Park Committee to make sure his project was acceptable and would work.

They agreed and helped him along the way.

“The Boy Scouts and I came in and laid down logs along those paths,” Connor said. "[We] filled in fresh mulch along the paths to replace the old gray mulch.”

The supplied him with the stones, mulch and a lot of plants.

Connor and his buddies took those stones and laid them along the drainage ditch from Lincoln field. 

“Water will drain from the fields and the two pipes that come out from the bike path – after the dip on the hill,” he said. “Water drains from there and goes down the path.”

They also made a dry river bed, which will help prevent erosion along that drainage bed.

After that Connor and his friends started turning the soil and planting perennials along the dry river bed.

He’s pleased with the results. “It as much about the aesthetic as it is the environment.”

Connor said he’s not the only one who has made Lexington look a little better. Tobin Waters  just completed the boardwalk behind .

Do you know a Boy Scout who finished an Eagle project within the last year? Please share his story and project – and send a few pictures too.

Gini Shevrin July 13, 2011 at 12:51 PM
Denise, as usual, a couple of small corrections: I believe you meant "bike" path, not "pike" path, though, with all that water, perhaps the latter was correct :). Secondly, the boardwalk was done by Tobin Waters, who is in fact having his Eagle board of review tomorrow evening.
Gini Shevrin July 13, 2011 at 01:19 PM
As for other Eagle Projects around town, there have been many. Since April 2010, there have been projects completed by Zach Gunther (Information Kiosk for Willards Woods), Sean Ma (Information Kiosk for Conservation Commission), Nick Briggs (Bike path Park), Niko Saledas (Outdoor Prayer area for St. Nicholas Church), Nick Ettlinger (Conservation land entrance markers), Luke Psyhojos (Liturgical Library for St. Nicholas Church), Tobin Waters (Dunback Meadow Boardwalk), Ryan Woodhouse (Track & Field record boards), Eliot Wong (Handicap Accessible Picnic tables for the Old Res), Ron Beaulieu (Holiday Nativity Storage Area for St. Brigid Parish), and Sam Estabrooks (Sandwich Boards for the Farmer's Market). This list does not include more recent project where paperwork has not yet been turned in to the Boy Scout Council. Some past projects included the steps that lead up to the Hancock Church parking lot from Belfry Terrace; refurbished fire rings at Willards Woods North St. meadow, perennial plantings at Temple Isaiah, accessible picnic tables for the town pool area, reclamation of the Meagherville conservation lands, etc, etc. For photos of many of the projects, fans can go to www.troop119.com and to www.troop160.com. With over 200 young men in the two troops, I think Lexington can expect many more useful projects coming their way. Full disclosure: I am the Flintlock District Eagle Coordinator for the Boston Minuteman Council, BSA, and a committee member of Troop 119.


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