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Two-to-four hours a week ...

Last week Eric Michelson and I rode in the Model T for a few hours. After our jaunt through Lexington, Concord and Lincoln, I planned on volunteering at the store for a few hours to find out about the oldest shoe store in Lexington – and to learn why they are so good at selling shoes. 

Life happened and I headed to another appointment, missing my chance. With luck and good planning I’ll try and get there sometime this week or next, depending upon the ’s availability.

After my two-to-four hour internship, I plan on writing a column about the experience.

Why not tell people about your business from the ground up – or the floor up, or the shoe up – depending upon where I land.  

As long as chain saws aren’t involved, I’m even game to try my hand at our .

I do come with the experience and enthusiasm. And I'll give you these examples.

While in Israel, a chef and I foraged the Judean Hills for our dinner. In Switzerland, I helped make (and eat) chocolate. A few years ago, I spent an afternoon in Ireland learning how to pour the perfect pint.

(That last one took a while. Guinness has standards to which Irish bartenders -- and even volunteers -- must adhere.)

Within the next few weeks I’ll be telling you about Michelson’s. Maybe, as the fruit and veggies ripen, I'll learn how to pick produce from a local farm. Then, there is always …

I'm open to suggestions, so use the Comments to let us know the local businesses where you'd like to see me work and write about. Or, if you're a local business owner looking for a few hours of help, let us know about that, too!

But, unless it’s a DPW directive, I’m not mowing anyone’s lawn or doing anyone’s housework!


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