Update: Better Late Than Never?

Not so late anymore ...

Happy belated birthday Lynne Pease! I missed a celebration last night – and cupcakes.

Town Manager Carl Valente graciously sent me his notes on last night’s Town Manager’s report, which I’ll share.

Town Assessor Rob Lent, our commercial appraiser, was named as acting Town Assessor until we find a replacement.

Pauline Burke, from the   and Nadine Wright from the Lexington Police Department are both retiring. Pauline leaves at the end of May and the town is already looking for her replacement.

Marie Downie took over for Nadine and began her job this week.

This one bears repeating. The town is looking for a Veterans’ Services Officer. Carl said only two people have applied. “If you know any veteran (who served during a conflict period), who may be interested … please contact me or Charlotte Rogers.”

The position pays $16,000 annually.  Interested? Call the Town Offices at 781-862-0500, extension 275.

Posted at 5:45 a.m. this morning ...

Last night I was in left field playing shortstop, or a day late and a dollar short ...

Newly appointed selectmen Chairman Hank Manz sent an email telling me the meetings (held in the Town Offices) would start one-half hour early -- or maybe earlier -- but I thought he meant next week.

Big mistake because I was ready, willing and able by 6 p.m. 

At 6:40 p.m. I flipped the station to channel 37 only to see a show on Animal Rescue. After that, I went to the LexGo, a LexMedia show on another channel and watched eight minutes of Julie Miller, Minuteman Captain Bill Mix, His Majesty’s 10th Unit leader Paul O’Shaunessy and a few others talking about last week’s Patriots’ Day activities.

I learned that the reenactments and parade started 40 years ago, and that former President Richard Nixon attended one. Good to know, but I’m checking the details because author and historian Edwin Worthen tells us in his historical books that other celebrations occurred on the Battle Green in 1875.

At 7:08 p.m., I switched back to 37, just to make sure this wasn’t the week they started early.

They did, and I was late. (Sorry Carl.)

There was Town Manager Carl Valente holding an impressive piece of paper in his hand, and already more than halfway through the Town Manager’s report.


I heard about a few retirements and then heard the last of the report, which I’ll share.

The is holding an open house May 19 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the at 201 Bedford St.

The trucks will be out and ready for viewing. This is a great event for youngsters – and maybe those who aren’t so young too. My son loved this and the Fire Department’s open houses and wanted to sit inside all the trucks.

Carl then announced that Lexington is looking for a new Veterans’ Services Officer. Under state law, this person must be a veteran of the armed services.

“It’s a very important position for the town,” he said.

Anyone interested should contact the

Unfortunately, that’s all – and it looked as though he had a lot more. So, I’ll be contacting Carl Valente tomorrow morning for his full report. I’ll have it all in an early update.

Lesson learned. Check and recheck … and then check again.

Hank Manz April 27, 2011 at 02:05 PM
I almost never question the commanders of either the Minute Men or the Tenth Regiment, but the parades at least have been going on for more than 40 years. An abbreviated history of Patriots Day in my bookshelf says that the day became a legal holiday in Massachsetts in 1894, replacing Fast Day. There was a reenactment on the Battle Green in 1822 although it appears to have been a much smaller affair. There was a hiatus of some years, it appears, but a joint celebration with Concord in 1850 seems to have renewed interest in the day. As the level of participation grew, there was an interesting sidelight "... many hucksters and fakers provided quetionable diversions which profited the town nothing." In 1895 there was more concern in that "... vendors of photos and badges, tamborine girls with hurdy-gurdies, and muscle-testing machines gave the town a rakish air." And then, in 1901 I read that "... pickpockets and blacklegs infest the town." Wow! After re-reading this history, I am even more appreciative of the job done by our current Celebrations Committee in giving us family-ready entertainment each year. -Hank Manz


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