Five Things: A Photo Exhibit, Meetings and More

A quick look at what you need to see, do and know on Dec. 21 in Lexington.

1. Photo Exhibit--The Women of Panama & Their Stories: Hancock United Church of Christ is hosting a photo essay collection, curated by Sustainable Harvest International, featuring the words and photos of 22 rural Panamanian women working with SHI to improve the lives of their families and communities.

2. Today in Public Meetings: According to the town webiste, public meetings posted for today include the 2020 Vision Committee at 7:45 a.m. at the Town Office Building and the Sustainable Lexington Committee at 2:30 p.m. at the Town Office Building.

3. Lexington Community Education Winter 2013 Classes Now Online: So check them out here.

4. Do You Get Daily, Weekly and Breaking News in Your Inbox? If the answer to that question was "No," then you're missing out and need to click here, like right now, to sign up for the Patch Newsletter.

5. Rainy Day, Maybe Snow Tonight: Should be cloudy, and maybe foggy, with a chance of showers and a high in the high 40s, according to the National Weather Service, which predicts more precipitation overnight and possible snow as temperatures drop down to 32.


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