Kid-Friendly Fun: Candy Castle and Center Complex

Take advantage of time with your kids and get out and enjoy these hot spots. Your Patch Passport gives you options for great local spots for kid-friendly fun.

When looking for kid-friendly fun, Lexington has a lot of options. Two of our favorites happen to be quintessentially kiddie spots: A candy store and a playground.

Center Recreation Complex

It’s clichéd to say there’s something for everyone, but that’s an apt description when talking about the being a kid-friendly place.

From the pools to the playground to the skate park, children of all ages, interests and maturity levels should be able to find something keep themselves entertained. Add in the tennis and basketball courts, playing fields and ice cream and hot dog trucks, and complex becomes less of a pool and playground and more of a daylong destination.

If there’s a problem for parents, it’s probably the sprawling layout. For instance, the pool and playgrounds are separated by tennis courts, while track and field cut both off from the skate park.

Candy Castle

The folks at make it a point to appeal to as many people as they possibly can, says store manager Melina Sim.

Shelves are stocked with sweet, sour and savory treats, while bright colors and thoughtful displays are designed to catch the eyes of young and old alike. From nostalgic candies to the latest Hollywood-informed fads, Candy Castle has a fairly comprehensive inventory of snacks, including sugar- and allergen-free options. If candy’s not your thing, the Castle, located at the Corner of Mass Ave and Meriam Street, also has fudge, nuts, ice cream and slushes.

An added bonus while satisfying the sweet tooth? Sim says lots of parents turn trips to Candy Castle into educational outings, using the purchase of M&Ms and jellybeans to teach kids about colors and finance.


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