UPDATED: LexMedia News; Aunt Mary's

Covering all our cable needs.

Afternoon Update: 3 p.m.

I heard through the grapevine (the Lexington Listserv) that  at Countryside off Woburn Street was closed for business. So I called, and the number has been disconnected.

This eclectic take-out cafe served some of the finest food around and it will be missed. We really do need to continue frequenting our favorite Lexington spots so we don't continue to lose the treasures we have.


Morning Post: 5:45 a.m. 

Channeling Success

We’re in good hands. LexMedia, a non-profit cable access operator, won a 3½ year contract to operate Lexington public, education and government access television cable stations. (LexMedia also operates the Community Media Center.)

It’s not something new; they’ve been doing it successfully for the last five years, LexMedia Board of Director Chairman Harry Forsdick said.

He and LexMedia Executive Director Florence DelSanto are pleased with the contract coup, and foresee many more years televising Lexington’s highlights, events and meetings.

LexMedia promises to develop new programs and increase community involvement, and now offers onDemand and live streaming, both accessible from the Internet.

For directions on using onDemand and live streaming, go to the LexMedia's new website, designed by Harry Forsdick. 

With LexMedia even the flu can’t stop me from covering a meeting!

Thank you Harry, Florence and everyone involved with LexMedia.


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