POLL: How Walkable is Lexington?

Is this town easy to get around on foot?

Over the past few months, , , the and F-18s out of Hanscom have been the transportation talk of the town. But planes, trains and automobiles aren’t the only ways to get around.

Well known is the , which runs through town. But that’s not what we’re talking about today.

According to the website WalkScore.com, Lexington lands a “Very Walkable” Walk Score of 75 out of 100. However, a second search on the same website results in a depleted “Car-Dependent” score of just 39 out of 100. 

Go figure.

Lexington's score falls best score falls short of some neighboring communities, like Arlington (a "Walker's Paradise" at 94 of 100) and Concord (a "Very Walkable" score of 80), but bests neighboring Belmont (score of 63), Waltham (62) and Burlington, which managed only 41. The lower score looks up at all of those.

Which is to say we're not sure what to make of these so-called "Walk Scores."

Once you're in or around Lexington Center, the town seems totally walkable, but a safe bet says only the more precocious of pedestrians probably hoof it to the center from across Route 2 or west of 128. Then again, what do we know? We drive into the center daily.

So, now we turn to you, Lexington residents and Patch readers: How walkable is Lexington? Take our poll and expand on your answer in the comment section below.

Helen July 19, 2012 at 01:20 AM
I think the center is very walkable. What I believe is the main problem in the center and the surrounding streets is that it is very difficult to cross the street, even with the walk lights. Cars just don't like to stop at the lights or the crosswalks. Sometimes I've waited for up to 5 cars to fly by as I wait in the crosswalks. Very dangerous!
Hank Manz July 19, 2012 at 01:26 AM
There are major glitches and far too many streets have sidewalks on only one side, but you can get around on foot. When combined with Lexpress, the T, and a bike, things aren't bad. Walking to the mall in Burlington can be a little hard on the nerves because of that stretch past the quarry where there are no sidewalks. The other day I needed a box of nails and the car was over a mile away. A combination of foot and Lexpress travel and I had the nails. Round trip was half an hour.


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