Question of the Day: Dana Home?

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Plans to redevelop the Dana Home and adjacent property on Mass Ave into an inn and restaurant are making the preliminary rounds among town boards, and they're receiving mixed reviews from officials and neighbors.

While most agree that an inn would be an appropriate use for the old retirement residence, some have expressed concerns about the scale, the parking and the restaurant. Trisha Perez Kennealy, the woman behind the project, says she welcomes suggestions as she makes plans to create an inn/restaurant that's enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. 

So, with that in mind, we want to know, What do you think about plans to redevelop the Dana Home as an inn? Do you think 22 rooms and a 14-tabletop restaurant is too much for the residential area? If not an inn, what are some other ideas for the property?

Carmen Mandel August 08, 2011 at 05:09 PM
I would like to propose to turn it into a Children's Museum, similar to the Discovery Museum in Acton, MA. http://discoverymuseums.org/hands-exhibits/index
Peggy Barons August 08, 2011 at 05:48 PM
I think having the Dana Home as a Bed & Breakfast with restaurant is a great use for this building. I think the proposed number of rooms and table tops sound fine, especially if parking permits can be obtained from the St. Brigid's parking lot around the corner. I would welcome such an establishment in Lexington. It adds to the value of the town and the downtown area.
JOELLE Gunther August 14, 2011 at 07:39 PM
What a fantastic idea! The Inn/ restaurant idea would add so much to the character of Lexington. I can't wait to invite guests to stay there. Please make some rooms handicapped accessible. Good luck going trough all the red tape to make it happen. Of course you could always make it a bank keeping with Lexington tradition. Joelle Gunther
Sandy Miller-Jacobs April 19, 2012 at 10:59 AM
What a wonderful use of a beautiful home. Of course a developer could knock it down and build another McMansion, or it could be another bank or real estate office. Or we could have a historic inn that would bring people to the Center who would support our few restaurants and businesses. What kind of Lexington would you like to see? I support this new Inn for a charming place for visitors and Lexingtonians to gather for a lovely evening!
Brenna Quinn April 20, 2012 at 11:14 PM
Good idea, but I think that would be worse on parking/traffic, which is the issue many are stuck on.
Brenna Quinn April 20, 2012 at 11:15 PM
Agreed, we certainly have enough banks and hair salons!


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