Question of the Day: Shelter from the Storm?

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Now that the wild and windy weather of the tropical storm that was Hurricane Irene has passed, many folks around Lexington are surveying the damage.

Many lost power yesterday, and some are still without it today. Leaves and branches littered yards, sidewalks and roadways around town. A large tree fell on the Battle Green and a downed tree and wire fire caused problems with the utilities on School Street. 

Early on, town officials recommended that residents "Shelter in Place," meaning stay inside during the storm. It appeared as though many followed that advice, as the streets were largely empty in the early afternoon, but folks began creeping out to photograph the damage later on, as the storm subsided.

So, with that in mind, we want to know, How did you find shelter from the storm? Did you play games or read by candle light? Were you glued to your TV or the Internet? Did you lose power or fight an uphill battle against a flooding basement?  Or was it just an ordinary Sunday?

Audra Myerberg August 29, 2011 at 06:05 PM
We played many board games, dress up and watched a little TV until the power went off. My daughter wrote a little book with her Daddy and then we all walked into town to get some exercise and see any damage. Our basement flooded a little but was manageable. Today we have been cleaning up the yard and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.


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