Question of the Day: Shire Sounds?

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Earlier this week, a group of Shade Street area residents -- and neighbors and abutters to the Shire operation on Patriot Way -- appeared before the Board of Selectmen seeking help

According to the residents, the noise is not always unbearable, but, depending on the weather and work being done, can be bad enough to force them to use ear plugs in their own homes.

After Town Meeting's 2009 approval of the biopharmaceutical company's request to build an additional 160,000 square feet on the site, the residents believe it is time for the town to hold the company accountable for its promises to control noise levels.

So, with that in mind, we want to know, Are you bothered by the levels of noise produced by Shire?  Do you believe the company has an obligation to reduce noise production to levels acceptable to residents?


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