UPDATED: Snow Daze

The glass half full (of snow).

Afternoon Update: 2:45 p.m.

I called the Board of Selectmen's Administrative Assistant, Lynne Pease, to find out what we need for a snow park celebration. Any open space use must be cleared by Town Manager Carl Valente – unless it’s the Battle Green, and then we have to go through the Board of Selectmen.

The Battle Green is going through a Master Plan review right now – and even with the snow, I don’t think anyone would approve snow antics on that hallowed ground. Nope, we’ll have to look at other avenues.

I’ve already received an e-mail with a place to cross country ski. That’s an option, although making something (other than a flood) sounds like more fun.

Keep those thoughts coming ,and I’ll call the Carl. Reach me at dubedenise@cs.com, or leave a comment in the box below.


Morning Post: 5:45 a.m.

Snow Daze?

Ice dams, roof rakes, ice-melt-filled panty hose (for the roof, not our legs), shoveling, hidden mailboxes and the stairway to heaven for shoving just one hydrant…

Appropriate yes, but maybe we need to change our attitudes. (I don’t say this idly. There are two deep pans catching the constant drip, drip, drip of roof water that’s sneaking through my living room ceiling.…)

Last week, Tanya was on the Lexington listserv and suggested we embrace this weather. Someone responded and said they have  access to the for hot chocolate and warmth.  I chimed in, and a few others did too.

Why not build snow characters in Emery Park and have a pot luck after? Why not embrace our “inner snow child.” There was mention of hot-buttered rum, but that really would get a few of us in the hoosegow.

I’m betting more than a few people would participate in a snowy afternoon at Emery Park and the Lexington Depot. (The already showed us they know how to serve hot chocolate.)

Do we need a permit to gather for snow antics?

A few years ago, adults in Vermont gathered and made giant-sized snow models of TV's Simpson family sitting on a couch watching television. It was all the more real with the addition of food coloring.

We may not be a Simpsons kind of town, but we do love our history. How about a revolutionary snow reenactment, or a miniature version of Capt. John Parker?

Any other ideas or dates? I’ll coordinate and if we do need permits – or a committee. Contact me at: dubedenise@cs.com. I have extra mittens if you need them.

Let's have some fun!


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