VIDEO: Blasts From Past Abound Saturday Along the Battle Road

Colonial militia and British Regulars clashed along the Battle Road during a series of re-enactments Saturday, April 14, along a stretch Route 2A between Lexington and Concord.

were in full swing on Saturday, April 14 as the colonial militia and minutemen clashed with the British Regulars at strategic spots along the Battle Road, a path that more or less runs parallel to Route 2A between Concord and Lexington. 

According to Minute Man National Historical Park's Lou Sideris, the running battle began at Meriam's Corner and progressed eastward as local minute man companies engaged the British Regulars as the Redcoats retreated back to Boston after the Concord Fight at the Old North Bridge. 

While the went down last weekend, MMNHP's big day is the Saturday of Patriots' Day weekend, Sideris said, referring to historical houses, cannon fire, the running battle at Bloody Angle and the newish Parker's Revenge re-enactment.


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