Week in Review, Aug 21 to 27

A girl's best friend, new teachers, a candidate emerges, arrests and some wild weather this week in Lexington.

Oh what a week this was in Lexington.

The week began with video of a , a 2-year-old Labrador retreiver she received from Canine Companions for Independence, a nation wide non-profit organization that trains and provides assistance dogs for persons with disabilities other than blindness. 

But what followed that hear-warming piece took a turn for the worse, as police incidents revealed and an investigation into an alleged .

An , but didn't have much of an impact on Lexington as dispatch received no quake-related calls.

Before the shaking got started, school officials welcomed about that began at the Tuesday morning.

And, Tuesday night, the School Committee considered how it would deal with .

Also this week, , spoke with Patch about why he's running. 

On Thursday, , was arrested for alleged indecent assault on a student. In court Friday,

Also on Friday, Lexington offiicals and residents were in serious prep mode for . 


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