Week in Review, July 24 to 30

Panera plans confirmed, a prostitute pinched, a post office preserved and more this week in Lexington.

The 's seventh annual opened last weekend, and we brought you a .

But then the news quickly changed gears as a hospitalized three and backed up traffic early Monday afternoon. That night, a sting operation by that was allegedly working out of the on Bedford Street.

Tuesday morning's , a long-time volunteer at the and ambassador for the town. Watson died July 21, a week after celebrating her 85th birthday.

Also on Tuesday, the United States Postal Service announced it will consider closing thousands of branches.

In another instance looking at national headlines through a local perspective, as the Democrats and Republicans wrestled with the possibility of raising the debt ceiling,

On Thursday night, there was an early arriving crowd at Hastings Park as people turned out take in the of the season.

Getting back to the whole "act local, think global" theme we had going there for a minute... Town officials this week confirmed Panera Bread, a national chain, . We brought you that story on Friday, along with a question asking whether locals have an .

And finally, on Friday night, the planned to with a open event at the .


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