What's Open, What's Closed on Labor Day in Lexington?

Retail stores, liquor stores, supermarkets open. Libraries, schools and municipal offices, not so much.

You're not alone in , many local businesses may also be off work and closed for the day. Check the list below to find out what types of businesses are typically open or closed on Labor Day. 

Retail stores: Open

Liquor stores: Open

Supermarkets: Open

Convenience stores: Open

Taverns, bars: Open

Banks: Most closed; some branches may be open, such as some branches inside s. locations will be open, as well.

Stock market: Closed

Municipal, state, and federal offices: Closed

Libraries: Closed

Schools: Closed

Mail: Post offices closed; express delivery only.

Is there a business open today which you would expect to be closed, or vice-versa? Let us know in the comments.


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