Wicked Warmth

With temps high and still climbing, some folks are looking for ways to keep cool while the NWS warns us of dangerously warm weather.

The National Weather Service says it'll hit 93 degrees in Lexington this afternoon and has issued an "Excessive Heat Watch" -- for tomorrow.

According to the NWS, we're in for a prolongued period of excessive heat, starting Thursday, when a large area of high pressure will have moved across the central United States to "spread hot and very humid air into our region." 

The watch extends from Thursday to Friday afternoon, with hazards including temperatures from 95 to 100 degrees and a heat index of 105. The combination of heat and high humidity can creat a dangerous situation.

"Excessive heat may lead to heat illness for children ... the elderly and those performing strenuous physical activities during the heat of the day," the Service says.

The NWS advises that folks know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, that they wear light, loose fitting clothing and drink plenty of water. Avoiding prolongued exposure to the sun, drinking plenty of fluids and staying air-conditions environments are among the other tips from the Service.

Lexington has plenty of ways to keep cool during even the most oppressive heat waves. 

There's the , the and Paint Rock Pool for families looking to take a swim. And, if the sun gets to be too much while sitting by the water, and offer ice cream for a cool treat.

Adults looking to beat the heat without the sweets can check out one of the town's coffee shops, such as , , or the other . 

And then there's always the , which offers plenty of entertainment for anyone who wishes to camp out in the A/C for a few hours.


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