About Town: Last-Minute Shopping Around Lexington

Come all ye procrastinators. Last-minute gift ideas abound around Lexington.

Some people have holiday gifts bought, wrapped and ready the day after Thanksgiving. Others wait until the last minute.

Well, with just hours before Dec. 25, last minutes are upon us. Fear not procrastinators, Lexington has lots to offer – everywhere and in every price range.

Whether it’s a high-end piece piece from , a great cabernet from or or stocking stuffers from , or , it’s all in here.

You can shop for every age group, too. The offers literary treasures to entertain babies, toddlers and youngsters. And all the restaurants and coffee shops – from to and to – offer gift certificates.

One saavy store owner, who preferred giving off the record comments, offered shoppers sound advice: Restaurant, movie and food gift certificates are good choices because people use those. Gift certificates to stores people don't frequent usually go unused, he said. 

Whatever you decide it's out there. And the pictures seen here show only a few among the many shops in town where you can do some prime, last-minute gift grabbing.

Editor's Note: This piece originally posted Monday, Dec. 19. So, please do remember most stores close early on Christmas Eve, so you it might be wise to call ahead.

But, then again, if it really gets down to it, there are a few places open on Christmas Day.


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