Reception for White Tricorne Hat, Outstanding Youth Award Recipients

The Lexington Lions Club will host a reception this Sunday, April 22, from 2 to 4 p.m.

On the Monday morning, admid all of the town's Patriots' Day festivities, Lexington resident Eric Carlson was awarded the White Tricorne Hat and Leah Buckley and Matthew Smoot received 2012's Outstanding Youth of the Year awards.

This Sunday, April 22, the Lexington Lions Club will host a reception for the receipients of the two awards from 2 to 4 p.m. in the Historical Society Building in the . 

The White Tricorne Hat has been awarded to an "outstanding" Lexington resident since 1954, and the Lions Club solicits for nominees each year. According to the award criteria the White Tricorne Hat Committee uses to judge nominees, the candidate must be a current resident of Lexington and not a major elected office holder.

As well, "The candidate must have demonstrated a dedication to the principles of outstanding citizenship and must have advanced the American way of life in Lexington by giving unselfishly of his or her time and talents over the years beyond the normal bounds of his or her occupation." The award is made without regard to sex, race, or religious affiliation.

When he donned the White Tricorne this Patriots' Day, Carlson joined an impressive list of receipients that includes: 2011 John Carroll, 2010 Dave Eagle, 2009 Nicholas Cannalonga, 2008 David Wells, 2007 Beverly Kelley, 2006 Winston “Pat” Flynn, 2005 Elsa Sullivan, 2004 Leo McSweeney, 2003 Jack Maloney, 2002 Donald Wilson, 2001 Peter Kelley, 2000 Dan Fenn Jr., 1999 Robert Cataldo, 1998 William Dailey, Jr., 1997 David G. Williams, 1996 Clarence Turner, 1995 Lillian MacArthur, 1994 Mark Moore, 1993 Marion Fitzpatrick, 1992 Lynn Wilson, 1991 Jackie Ward, 1990 Allan Kenney, 1989 Paul Mazerall, 1988 Lincoln P. Cole, Jr., 1987 Mary McDonough, 1986 Msgr. John P. Kielty, 1985 Gordon Steele, 1984 S. Lawrence Whipple, 1983 Cornelius Cronin, 1982 George P. Wadsworth, 1981 Dr. Mary Perry, 1980 William Fitzgerald, 1979 Roland Greeley, 1978 Donald Gillespie, 1977 Levi Burnell, 1976 Ruth Morey, 1975 Richard A. Michelson, 1974 Irving H. Mabee, 1973 Louis A. Zehner, 1972 George W. Emery, 1971 Louis Tropeano, 1970 Michael Vidette, 1969 Dr. Winthrop Harrington, 1968 Alan G. Adams, 1967 Donald E. Nickerson, 1966 Joseph O. Rooney, 1965 Msgnr. George W. Casey, 1964 Mrs. Eleanor B. Litchfield, 1963 Margaret Keefe, 1962 Albert G. Frothingham, 1961 William R. Greeley, 1960 Thomas S. Grindle, 1959 Dr. Fred S. Piper, 1958 William E. Maloney, 1957 Harold T. Handley, 1956 John Garrity, 1955 Albert Burnham, and 1954 Edwin B. Worthen.


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