About Town: A Nine Month Party

Celebrating Lexington's 300th.

library was packed
last Monday night with interesting books and equally interesting people.

An overly large 300-year-old spinning wheel fittingly sat atop one of the bookcases as the Lexington 300th Anniversary Committee held a public meeting to announce plans for the upcoming 9-month celebration and ask for further ideas to round out the party that starts in Sept. 2012 and ends on Memorial Day 2013.

Eric Carlson, from brought the spinning wheel, along with a large clock, each number covered with a letter that spelled LEXINGTON 300.

Lexington’s Rotarians and Lions want to donate a three-sided clock to the town. It’s the committee’s hope that the clock sits somewhere on Emery Park. This clock will sit on a pedestal, one that will hold a titanium time capsule.

Committee Chair Susan Rockwell welcomed everyone with Fred Piper’s words from an earlier anniversary celebration.

Events co-chair Jessie Steigerwald then gave an overview of what we to expect during Lexington’s 300th anniversary.

If you or your committee, board or group want to participate please contact Susan Rockwell. We’ll (yes, I am a member of the 300th committee) let you know when our new website – courtesy of Harry Forsdick’s expertise – is up and running.

Here are some of the highlights:

Opening ceremonies are scheduled for Sept. 22, 2012 at . A town-wide luncheon and activities are planned at
after lunch. The Lexington Symphony plays at 7 p.m.

The , Lexington Garden Club, LexFarm and are participating that event. There will be others as we get closer.

Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012 promises the musical fashion show, "Breeches, Bloomers & Bellbottoms Oh My!" That one is at the Donald
Gillespie Auditorium at . See what we’ve worn through the ages.

On Nov. 7, 2012, the Lexington Education Foundation is focusing its Annual Trivia Bee on information from Lexington’s past – all 300

That’s pretty much the idea – that all the events of those nine months have a 300th focus.

There’s a concert by the William Diamond Fife & Drum Corp, history panel discussions, a 300th Year Community Dance and so much more.

Thanks to the Board of Selectmen, we’ll have the Patriot’s Day afternoon Parade on Sunday instead of Monday, allowing this expanded parade to host bands from other states. Monday morning's events will remain the same.

Rumor has it, there are two floats. We know the Garden Club is in charge of one. Bev Kelley is working on another.

Incorporation weekend, scheduled for March 16 and 17, promises a town-wide show of student work (pertaining to the 300th, of course); a history of Lexington panel along with a discussion; a Lexington
Field and Garden Club event and technology in Lexington with a panel and discussion.

In May, we’ll have another month filled with Revolutionary

Banners, with the 300th logo go on sale soon and will grace the Center – and the town. People, businesses and groups can buy one.  Every banner will have the name or names of the donors.

Memorial Day weekend will close the celebration, fittingly with Discovery Day, and old-time baseball double-header; a morning
parade and a monument dedication and sealing of the time capsule.

People will need caffeine that weekend, because there’s an evening closing ceremony you won’t want to miss.

There is a lot more. Plans are in the works for an aerial picture of everyone who gathers … though the destination is T.B.D.


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