About Town: Friday in the Center

It's always lively in town.

Walking through Lexington Center on a warm fall day is like being at a large party – one that starts at the and ends at on Woburn Street.

I was there to help the Program and Events Committee stuff goody bags for the golfers for the upcoming Oct. 3 tournament at .

By the time I arrived Chairman Carolann Brockett and other committee members already had the bags filled and ready.

A day late and a dollar short.

Had I remembered my husband borrowed my car, that telehone call to Harrison Global Transportation would have occurred lot earlier...

Instead, I helped pull apart a few tables, chatted with members and headed out the door toward to see Co-owner and Operator (and Town Moderator) Deborah Brown.

Deborah wasn’t set to arrive for a few more hours – so I’ll return tomorrow, on the way to the 172nd .

Sabina, fellow co-owner and operator chatted with me as she made me another set of earrings. Then she showed me how to do it myself.

The three owners can make or create pretty much anything. Deborah is fixing a vintage pair of earrings of mine, making them more modern and she’s creating another red and black dangly pair.

Make note of this the next time you’re searching for that perfect something. It just might be in one of the bead boxes waiting for your – or their creativity. There are also a number of classes -- and another Ladies Night. Bring your friends and a bottle of wine. The evening is entertaining and you'll meet people from Lexington and beyond.

for a falafel wrap fix was the second stop. Falafel fiends have a number of choices.

Christina Gamota (co-chair of the Lexington Historical Society’s) and I first ran into Chair Hank Manz. He was in a hurry, but took time to hear two women talk about current events.

Guess who was perched in his usual spot outside ?  Yes, Town Meeting Member Andy Friedlich. He’s known to many as the Mayor of Lexington, so his absence the last few months had everyone was asking questions.

Andy was sick and hospitalized for six weeks, but he’s on the mend and recovering with frappes and Peet’s coffee, which should be considered medicinal and covered under his insurance, dont you think. No? Worth a shot ...

If you see him say “hello.”  He’ll tell you what happened and why we’re so lucky to have him sitting in that chair chatting up Lexingtonians.  

With his mention of or “Ranc’s” as he calls it, I crossed over and finished my lunch with chocolate ice cream.

While walking back across the street, something I’d already done twice, I chatted with Police Officer Christina Severe and met a nice Ohio couple, here to see Lexington and Concord.

They were off to see the . I asked if they were headed anywhere else in Lexington. Nope, Concord was the next stop. There is so much here, why aren’t we keeping them in town with our historic houses, the Old Burial Ground, Belfry Hill and everything else?

Concord is incredible. I love the Alcott House, Author’s Ridge, the Old North Bridge and the Colonial Inn. Lexington has a lot to offer too and I wonder why we can’t keep them here a little bit longer.

Is there a way to contact the bus or tour companies and ask the person in charge to change itineraries? It’s done when I’m in Europe or Asia, so why not here?

Yeah, it’s a rant – and it’s over.

My point, lost on the way, was that our center is alive with great stores and shops, dogs of every color and kind and the most interesting people – from here and beyond.  

It was a great day in Lexington Center, and I'd have the pictures to prove that -- if I hadn't lost my iPhone somewhere along the way ...


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