About Town: Names and Faces

More than the audience ...

The , held on the last night, didn't just happen. 

Many made it so successful. I'll give you a partial list of those involved.

Here are the church, temple and faith leaders who sat in that semi-circle facing the audience and the American flag:

Rev. Paul Shupe and Rev. Dana Allen Walsch ; Rabbi Hoard Jaffe and Rabbi Jil Perlman, ; Rev. Cricket Potter and Rev. Tricia Brennan,; Rev. Peter Boullata, ; Rev. Kate Ekrem, ; Rabbi David Lerner and Rabbi Michael Fel, ; Rev. Mark Jackson, ; Rev. Samuel Bombara; Rev. Richard Rhodes, ; Narain Bhatia, the Hindu Community; Beverly Good, Pastoral Associate for the Lexington Catholic Community; Rev. Lauren Lorincz, ; and Rev. Demitriost Costarakis from. 

Cantor Lisa Doob of Temple Isaiah, Mark Morgan of Hancock United Church of Christ and the music directors from the Lexington Interfaith Clergy Association aided in the musical activities.  

It’s worth noting that the programs thanked the , Town Manager Carl Valente and public workers who assembled the outdoor auditorium and then tore it down after the event. (Thank you to Bill Hadley, director of Public Works, for sending your nicest workers.)

The pamphlet thanks the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, although I only saw Troop 119 and Troop 160 Boy Scouts. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Finally, the Remembrance handout thanked the police officers, firefighters and all first responders, “who daily work to protect the public safety.”

They did just that at last night's service.

Our aided those crossing the street and watched over everyone as the service progressed.

It’s also worth noting that a police SUV rode past the gathering more than a few times.


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