About Town: Lexington Historical Society's 3rd Annual Golf Tourney (PHOTOS)

The rain and traffic took a detour, making this another successful event.

More than 60 golfers participated in the 3rd Annual Golf Tournament, held at Monday, Oct. 3.

The day was planned from early morning registration to after dinner desert, but even the best plans sometimes hold a glitch.

Ours started at 9 a.m., at the end of Hill Street. Orange cones and a nice young cadet named Corazzini told us we couldn’t get onto Hill Street to the Golf Club. “Take Manning,” he said.

But there were no detour signs, and we had a bevy of golfers arriving in little more than an hour.

Fortunately, I was able to ring Police Capt. Joseph O’Leary to ask if there was anything they could do. The are here to protect and serve. I’m pretty sure this runs outside the job description, but Joe being Joe, he said he’d do what he could and send someone to the club.

Sgt. Tim Barry cruised up in his patrol car and asked how he could help. We told him the golfers needed access, but there were no detour signs at Hill or Manning.

I’m not sure what magic he and Joe pulled off, but detour signs were immediately placed at the end of Hill Street and at Manning and everyone found us.

During a mid-day break Lexington Historical Society Executive Director Susan Bennett and Programs and Events Director Carolann Brockett asked if I’d give Joe and Tim each a gift bag.

There were a few fun things tucked into those cobalt blue tote bags, but the majority contained our thanks.

And Joe, I promise I won’t call … nevermind.

Once our detour problem was sorted, Carolann and Susan helped direct us as we lined up registration tables, cash boxes and finished other detail work. Sandy Gasbarro stood by holding gift bags for each player.

The golfers registered, stashed their gear, ate lunch on the patio and then headed for the Club Cars.

The noon shotgun start had those electric golf carts racing onto the green, a scene captured by George Gamota’s photographic eye.

In fact, George caught pictures of just about everything – even those of us greeting, registering and selling raffle tickets to the players.

Once the tournament started, Sandy and I headed for the fifth hole. We sat there watching for golfers who, with a little luck and just the right wind conditions, might hit a hole-in-one and win a gorgeous red car.

Unfortunately, no one won the red car, but there is always next year. There were other prizes to be won later that day.

We did see Steve Corr hit the ball 9’4” from the 5th hole. The scoreboard says 9’7 inches, but we were there and stand by that first number.

Foursome packages sold for $500, while individual players paid $125 – and proceeds went to the Lexington Historical Society’s efforts to maintain the , , and, of course, which looks pretty spiffy now that the renovations are completed.

An impressive number was thrown out there, but Susan hasn't confirmed it. We'll wait and see how many thousands this event garnered.

Carolann, Susan and Amanda coordinated the event – and made it look easy. Historical Society President Paul Ross was in attendance to oversee the party and keep us in good spirits.

The day ended with raffles and prizes from some of our most dedicated businesses. There’s a picture of those shops, companies and people, so I won’t mention them here.

Thank you to Carolann Brocket , Paul Ross, Susan Bennett, the women in the Programs and Events Committee, the Lexington Golf Club, John Bertucci and to the Lexington Police Department.

See you on the links next year.


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