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FBI, AAA – or not – and one big conversation …

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is in Lexington – actually in our Massachusetts Avenue .

Captain Manuel Ferro (also known as Manny) graduated from the FBI’s National Academy on Sept. 16, 2011. Town Manager Carl Valente made the announcement at last night’s Board of Selectmen’s meeting and in a private email to Patch.

“Police leaders from around the world are invited by the regional offices of the FBI to attend this program in Quantico, VA,” Carl said. “The 10-week program is the pinnacle of training experiences for law enforcement officials.”

While in the program, attendees review the latest in police service and sciences. "They challenge each student with graduate school courses (University of Virginia); and provide an opportunity to improve life style as it pertains to nutrition and physical fitness,” Carl wrote.

“Graduation from the National Academy is a hard-earned badge of honor,” Carl said in his email – and told the board. “A job well done.”

Congratulations, Manny!

Triple A

Wondering about our Triple A rating after those letters Moody’s sent to Lexington a few months ago? Y’know those letters that said we might not have our AAA rating anymore, or that we might or that they might not know for sure what to do?

Carl said our financial guru Rob Addelson reported that Moody’s still has no “definitive information” on any follow up for the Triple A communities that were assigned “Negative Outlook.”   

“[Moody’s] is still discussing timing, but admitted it might very well be the end of the year before this happens," Carl wrote. He also noted that Lexington does not have any bond sales planned until February.

Some of us may be surprised when they do have an answer.

Community Conversation Forum

Don’t forget the It’s going to be quite an event. Town Moderator Deborah Brown will moderate the evening.

People will be separated into color-coded tables and given questions. The answers will be presented at the end of the evening.


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