About Town: Lexington Youths Rake for Costa Rica

Lexington youth bag leaves to raise money.

Last year, students visited Costa Rica for a Spanish immersion program. Some might say, even though they are thousands of miles from the country, they are still part of that Costa Rican community.  

Joe Blumberg, almost 15 and now a student, spoke about the experience and why they are raking leaves.

Yes, raking leaves.  

While in Costa Rica for 10 days last March, the students spent part of the day at school and the remainder on excursions. Those field trips brought them to a school in a less-than-affluent area with students who needed a little help getting rudimentary educational objects and equipment.  

One afternoon during that visit, the Lexington youths painted an outside wall of the one-story school. For them it wasn’t enough. They wanted to do more.

So, upon their return home they started the Pura Vida Project, which Blumberg said means “The pure life.”

They started holding bakes sales and raising money. “We raised about $1,200 to buy sports equipment, which was sent down a few months ago,” Blumberg said.

“This year we’ve been raking people’s lawns,” he said.

By the end of the week we’ll see 10 more leafless yards around town. They are charging $15 per person per hour and hope to beat the former $1,200 goal.

The money will again be sent down help the Costa Rican students. “We have been emailing the director of the school to figure out their goals and needs,” he said.

If your yard is still covered with leaves email Joe Blumberg at blumberg99@yahoo.com. They’ll get the job done and help Costa Rican students.  


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