MSPCA Nevins pet of the week


Darlin' Sally is an affectionate 6 year old indoor only kitty! In her prior home, where she was happy and loved her entire life, she was a mellow, secure kitty who gave lots of head butts and leg rubs. Her owners, who gave her up because cats were not allowed where they lived, described Sally as a snuggler, a kitty who liked to cuddle beside you on the sofa and in the blankets with you in bed.

Watch her video and you will see how sweet Sally can be. She kneads her bed before snuggling in for a nap. She did not jump on the counters or tables in her prior home and does like to use a scratching post.

Sally is also very playful and adores catnip. She loves to chase toy mice around the house. Her favorite toy is the Cat's Meow battery operated toy.... she is a lot of fun to watch as she tries to catch the mouse's tail.

Why is Sally our longest resident? Sally finds life at the adoption center very stressful. Too many distractions, too noisy, too scary, so she sometimes can be tentative and nervous when meeting new people. Sally needs a quiet, low key home with cat savvy adults who will give her the time she needs to deal with the big changes in her life. Moving is scary! She would prefer to be the only pet.

Sally just needs a chance. If you think you can give Sally that chance to prove she can be a darlin', please come and visit with her.


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