Question of the Day: School Bus Fees?

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Talk about has led to town officials and others .

Among the issues that have come up is the cost to the schools -- and the parents -- to bus students to the schools.

One thought is that lower bus fees would lead to more students on buses and fewer parents in the school parking lots, thereby mitigating some of the school-related traffic issues the Estabrook School Access Ad Hock Task Force is currently considering. To that end, officials are populating a working group to look at the cost of busing students and how it might be possible to make the buses more efficient. 

So, with that in mind, we want to know, Do you think the Lexington Public Schools' bus fees are too high? Would you be more likely to send your kids to school by bus if the fees were lower? What ideas do you have for getting kids to school in a more cost-effective and efficient manner?


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