Weekly Column Leads to Conversation About Judgement

Portsmouth mom talks about her sons' reaction to her weekly writing.

One of my favorite quotes is from Oscar Wilde :

“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

It always makes me smile.

When I write anything and publish it, I recognize I put something out there that is open to any and all criticism. I have a tendency to write about issues that easily upset people whether it be because the topic interests me or effects me, and/or my friends. I also stand by every decision or word I have ever written because it is my opinion and like everyone else, I am entitled to it.

I made a very conscientious decision to raise my children in a household where no subject matter was taboo.

If you disagreed with a situation or rule, you had the option of discussing your position and backing it up with an educated argument. We have had discussions about sex, drugs, choices, politics, religion, sports, education and the like. There are times where it can be overwhelming and times when it can be enlightening.

One of our frequent topics is judgement. Everyone passes judgement on people, places and events. It is after all how we decide where to live, who to be friends with, where to eat on a Friday night or what show to see.

Being that we are an incredibly outspoken family, we argue our points with each other frequently. One of the qualities both my children possess is the ability to make sure they are educated, and well, in the topic they will debate with me.

Often when writing this column, and when they see some of the comments made, they want to debate with those contributors. Judgements flew.

My children are well loved, insightful and both possess qualities that I hope they nurture on their path to becoming well-educated and contributing members of society.

I am proud when anything I write invokes conversation, negative or positive. Just as I am proud that my children read my weekly contribution and it too invokes both positive and negative conversation.

I figure if everyone's talking, we are getting somewhere.

Christina Lantz June 05, 2011 at 08:27 PM
Hi Andrea, I agree with you 100%. I, too, was raised in a home where discussions were always open and my sister and I were encouraged to question everything and to have an open mind. The only requirement our family had was that you know what you're talking about-if you didn't know, look it up. I think it's wonderful you have raised your boys to be free thinking individuals because as the furture generation, they will be the ones making decisions for us.
Jeff Goss June 05, 2011 at 11:11 PM
Andrea--Great follow up article. You have two great boys and it is nice to see you tackling the idea of parents communicating and talking to their kids. Great job.


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