Family Hopes for Closure in 1978 Murder of Lexington Woman

Julie Campbell, 23, was murdered in Cambridge; no suspects have ever been announced.

Julie Campbell. Credit: Juliecampbellmurder.com/
Julie Campbell. Credit: Juliecampbellmurder.com/
The family of a Lexington woman who authorities say was murdered in Cambridge in 1978 is still searching for justice.

Julie Campbell, 23, was stabbed to death on Feb. 27, 1978. No suspects have ever been announced. Her murder was unusual in that nothing was stolen from her.

Her brother, Clay, told Fox 25 that he hopes advances in crime-fighting techniques—especially related to DNA—could help find her killer.

"We all have that sense of justice, that which is right for all," he told Fox. "And in this case, this was a person who fought for that. And that was her whole philosophy. And her approach to life. So if she is not deserving of justice, who is?"

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