Hanscom Air Force Base Prepared for Emergency Onboard Air Force Plane

Plane later diverted to Westover Air Reserve Base for emergency landing.

Emergency response teams on standby at Hanscom Air Force Base. Credit: Cat Cronin
Emergency response teams on standby at Hanscom Air Force Base. Credit: Cat Cronin

About 30 emergency responders were staged at Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford Saturday afternoon after receiving word that there was an emergency involving an inbound Air Force plane.

The plane was reported to have lost cabin pressure and was reported to have 23 adults and two children on board. The plane was en route from Germany. 

Emergency rooms at Lahey Clinic, MGH, and Emerson Hospital were notified and were ready to receive patients from the flight. 

The plane was rerouted to Westover Air Force Base in Chicopee, which issued the following statement: 

"A C-5 B assigned to Westover Air Reserve Base was returning from overseas en route to Dover Air Force Base at 34,000 feet with 25 crew and passengers when the aircraft experienced a loss of pressurization shortly after 11 a.m. while over the Atlantic Ocean. As a precaution, the aircraft was diverted to Westover ARB for maintenance actions. Westover rescue crews are standing by as a standard safety measure. No injuries were reported, and no in-flight emergency was declared. The aircraft is due to arrive at Westover by 2:20 p.m."

Patch will post additional information as it becomes available. 


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