Lexington Man Reports Sweepstakes Scam

A Simonds Road resident reported getting a call Thursday that he had won $3.5 million and a new Chrysler.

Winning $3.5 million and a brand new Chrysler? Too good to be true!

A man on Simonds Road wisely turned down a scamming caller claiming that he had won a huge sum of cash and a new car on Thursday evening, according to a report from the .

The caller told the man that he would send over a car to take him to the bank to pick up his winnings --a new Chrysler and $3.5 million cash -- and sure enough an Arlex cab rolled up to the man's house a few minutes later, a police spokesman said. 

The Lexington resident, confident that he was the victim of a scam, then refused to get into the car, according to the police report.

Police have no proof at this point that the call was a scam, but are confident that no such sweepstakes exists.

"It's fair to say that when someone calls and says that you've won $3.5 million, it's a scam," Lieutenant John Mazerall said.


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