OMGPD: Bieber v. Tupac, Breitling v. Timex, Husband v. Wife

Our weekly compilation of some of the more unusual police reports from around the Boston area. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.


Bieber v. Tupac

Lexington police on Monday responded to a report of graffiti written in spray paint and magic marker on basketball courts on Worthen Road. Among the vandalism was a rather vulgar declaration that, when it comes to the ladies, “Justin Bieber is better than Tupac”: http://patch.com/A-y2qN

Flipping the Bird Leads to This

 The Sudbury Police Department received a call Friday afternoon about a hit-and-run accident on Boston Post Road. The responding officer located the car and driver who allegedly left the scene at Horse Pond Road. After further investigation, the incident turned out to be a case of road rage between two drivers instead of a hit-and-run. The drivers apparently exchanged gestures that started the incident. Neither car showed damage.

Trading up: a Timex for a Breitling

Police: Thief Steals $5K Watch From Car, Leaves Behind a Timex

The Sudbury Police Department is investigating a larceny case reported on Wednesday, including one that may involve a thief looking to upgrade his wristwatch. An Elsbeth Road resident told officers someone broke into his unlocked car; a Breitling watch valued at $5,000 was stolen. While searching the car, it looked like the thief had — thoughtfully — left behind a cheaper watch in its place: a Timex. According to the Macy's website, the most expensive Timex sold is valued at $300: http://patch.com/A-y6Fr


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