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Prostitute Pinched in Lexington

An alleged prostitute was arrested June 8 in Lexington after reportedly propositioning a detective.

Lexington Police arrested an alleged prostitute Thursday after an investigation led police to a Lexington Ridge Drive apartment where a Boston woman was reportedly offering massage treatments.

Chew Chew Siew, 38, of 235 East Broadway St., Boston, was arrested Thursday, June 9, for prostitution, according to an incident report.

According to Lt. Jim Barry, a spokesman for the department, a detective spotted an online ad offering a massage in Lexington. Police then made arrangements to send an officer to the address on an undercover sting.

Thursday afternoon, a detective went to the apartment for a massage and was reportedly propositioned by Siew, the alleged prostitute.

According to Barry, ownership of the apartment was in question as of Friday afternoon police are continuing their investigation.

In general, prostitution is uncommon in Lexington, said Barry, but when it does occur, the connections are often made using online message boards.

“If it is something here, it’s usually with the hotels and ads online, where they post that they’re in this area for a while,” he said.

Normajeana June 11, 2011 at 03:13 PM
One of the primary reasons that the police and other law enforcement agencies give as an argument to keep prostitution against the law is that is it 'dangerous' and that women are 'victims' of exploitation. Currently there is one or more serial killers at work on the East Coast. With that in mind, is the reason you publish the home address of the arrested "suspected" prostitute to make it easier for serial killers to find her? Would you even contemplate giving out the addresses of victims of rape or domestic violence/spousal abuse? What on earth are you thinking? If prostitution is not victimizing the women as the media and law enforcement claims, then decriminalize it and allow consenting adult men and women to take their business into private locations where it does not offend the blue noses; and if prostitution is as harmful as you all say it is, then what in heck are you doing giving out the home addresses and showing the photos of the 'suspected' prostitutes? This woman has not been convicted yet and you are putting her at SO much risk- and the cops should be ashamed that they give out this information to the media... but YOU don't have to publish it! Shame on you!!!!!
Patrick Ball June 12, 2011 at 09:41 PM
Hi Normajeana, Thanks for your feedback. I'm not going to address your opinions about decriminalizing prostitution, or your theory about publishing the alleged prostitute's address to make it easier for suspected serial killers to find her. What I will point out to you is that there is not a picture of the alleged prostitute included with this story. And also that we print the address of everyone arrested. Thanks and best, Patrick
Normajeana June 13, 2011 at 04:08 PM
How nice that you did not publish her picture. I suppose that will make it more difficult for anyone wanting to do her harm to find her- if more than one suspected prostitute lives at that address, they will have to guess which one is Chew Chew. Would you print the home addresses of cops who get arrested and charged with raping prostitutes? In many cities, the names of the officers who are arrested and charged with such conduct are not made public... something about the union protecting them... And again, I ask you, would you print the address of a rape victim? We are told that prostitution IS rape... and that all prostitutes are victims, but clearly if that were the case, why would ANY paper OR the cops release the names and addresses of the victims?????????
Patrick Ball June 13, 2011 at 04:15 PM
Hi Normajeana, I mentioned the absence of a photo only because it seems you overlooked the lack of a picture before your first post, which included the line "if prostitution is as harmful as you all say it is, then what in heck are you doing giving out the home addresses and showing the photos of the 'suspected' prostitutes?" Again, without addressing your opinions about legalizing prostitution and/or labeling it as rape, I will remind you that we publish the address of everyone who is arrested in Lexington. Thanks and best, Patrick


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