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From the reporter's notebook.

Emergency responders were called to 220 Massachusetts Ave. yesterday morning after a man reportedly fell more than 15 feet after being electorcuted.

According to Lexington Fire Chief William Middlemiss, a man, believed to be an electrician, was 15- to 18-feet off the ground when he  came into contact with a 120-volt line and was thrown to the ground.

The man sustained multiple fractures and had electrical burns, but was conscious and alert when he was transported to the hosptial, Middlemiss said.


Patriots' Day weekend was largely without incident, aside from the expected medical calls Monday during the early morning reenactment on the Battle Green, according to police and fire officials.

Family-filled crowds behaved well and there were no incidents of hte criminal kind, according to police officials, who said motorists made their way out of town fairly quickly after events as officers did their best to expedite the thinning of traffic.

There were a few medical calls in quick succession, just before the 5:30 a.m. alarm at the Old Belfry Monday morning, according to Middlemiss, who said that's typical of the early morning event, when attendees are often sleep-deprived and chilly.


Car-breaks continue to be an issue, according to police officials and incident reports.

In recent weeks, thieves have hit several dozen locations in various neighborhoods around Lexington, stealing spare change, GPS units and other electronics from unlocked cars. Locked vehicles appear to be left alone, according to police.

On Wednesday, April 13, Lexington Police received at least 15 reports of car-breaks on Marlboro Road, Middle Street, Shade Street, Cutler Farm Road, Fairbanks Road, Hudson Street, Woodcliffe Road and Cary Avenue. 

That Monday, more than 30 unlocked vehicles were burglarized at 27 locations in the School Street neighborhood. And a week earlier, on April 4, police received reports of thefts from 26 unlocked vehicles in East Lexington.

The latest breaks push the total well into the hundreds since December, according to police, and the common denominator has been that the vehicles were all unlocked. Items stolen have consistently been spare change and electronics with resale value, which can be easily sold or fenced.

Police have said they have no reason to suspect the same person or persons has been involved in the reported theft, and that they have some ideas and leads as to who may be involved.

"The easiest way to prevent this is to lock your cars," Lt. Jim Barry, a spokesman for the department, said last week in an interview with Lexington Patch. "Right down the street, there were cars that were locked that weren't touched."


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